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Jason Berkley

Walking to the stand, I laid a scent drag down that had D Harmony Rut Blend on it.  Not long before dark, the buck came out where I expected and was headed away from my stand until it caught my scent drag.  He turned on a dime and came right towards me, pulling up at 17 yards when I arrowed him.  I would not have harvested this deer without Horny Deer Scents.


Brayden Lejuene

I had never seen this buck until the week before the harvest. I have pictures of him burying his face in the ground where I applied the

D Harmony Rut Blend.

White Koozie.png

Colten Bennett

My buck came out of a willow bar heading towards me.  He was cruising for does when he hit my D Harmony Rut Blend scent wick.  I’ve never ever seen a deer do this, but he stuck his head on the ground and rubbed his rack in the dirt and then he rolled around on his back like a dog, absolutely insane; and then he stood up and gave me a 20 yard broadside shot that I couldn’t pass up!  Big bodied, mature, public land buck!

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Levi Rosentreter

I've never had much luck using scents until I tried Horny Deer Scents. I used "D Harmony Rut Blend" in my mock scrapes last year and immediately had mature bucks checking them. I was able to arrow a 5 1/2 yr old brute a couple weeks later while he was on his way to check one of the mock scrapes.

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Dalton Rutledge

I rattled him in from downwind.  He smelled the Stud Finder I sprayed around my stand, he was bristled up and ready to fight and got layed down.

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Brandall Benton

Sprayed D Harmony Rut Blend down the trail I walked in on.  Around 4:30 the buck came straight down the path, nose down on a mission.  He came in to 15yds from my blind.

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